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Pilot/Living Lab Netherlands

Eva Lanxmeer community in Culemborg is an already established sustainable urban demonstration site and community since the year 2000, when the first houses were built. The area consists of 320 households of which 50 are equipped with heat pump boiler combination, 100 with solar boiler. The 2/3 of the households are connected to district heating network, which is fed by central heat pump linked to a drinking water basin. Additionally, 2/3 houses have solar PV on their rooftops. Finally, 33 houses have a heat pump booster for producing warm tap water linked to the district heating grid.

Business Cases implemented:

BC1 - Energy Community as Flexibility Aggregator

BC2 - Energy Community as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) offering energy management services

BC4 - Energy Community as a Retailer

BC7 - Prosumer engagement

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