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"Empowering communities in the energy transition"

The Core of the ACCEPT project is the concept of “energy communities” with the collective approach to bring citizens, local businesses and organizations together, to produce and consume locally generated, renewable energy. The EU-funded project intends to develop and deliver a digital toolbox, that allows such energy communities to offer innovative digital services to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, save energy in the users households and thus be able to reduce their electricity bill without compromising the quality of living, but ideally increasing the comfort in their homes through smart devices. In ACCEPT, these developed tools will be demonstrated and validated in four pilot sites in Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland involving more than 3.000 people and 750 residences.

Technical & Technological Objectives

To deliver an integrated ACCEPT tool-chain to bootstrap the transition of energy communities to fullplayers of the energy & flexibility markets and offering value-adding services to customers.
To develop the Consumer Digital Twin model that streamlines the information exchange between building-level tools and market actors enabling insights on consumer behaviour and improved demand forecasting.
To deliver a secure and interoperable digital toolbox compatible with the majority of residential building systems used across the EU as a fundamental enabler of ACCEPT solution replication.

Citizen Engagement & Co-creation Objectives

To understand incentives and drivers of citizens and energy communities and deliver a citizen engagement methodology that stimulates citizen participation in the energy system and community flourishing.
To design compound (energy & non-energy) service offerings and business models that enable the participation of the residential sector in demand response markets/services.
To validate the expected impact of the ACCEPT solution in real-life conditions (citizens, communities) in four Member States and maximise replication potential.

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