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Energie Samen
Energie Samen is a cooperative that represents approximately 500 local energy communities and more than 300 farmers producing renewable energy. The vision of the cooperative is to ensure that everyone can contribute to a clean and affordable energy supply for all of us, to unite citizens within local energy communities and to strengthen their voice at regional and national level. They believe that energy communities have sufficient knowledge and resources to bring projects to a successful conclusion. Energie Samen aims to develop a cooperative aggregator for its members to explore the flexibility potential and to enter financial markets to sell this flexibility.
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Role in the project
Energie Samen will work with the consortium partners to develop and validate a business case for a cooperative aggregator that can support and serve energy communities. Energie Samen will disseminate the project outcome to energy communities and advocate on a national and European scale to stimulate energy community initiatives and remove barriers that slow down the development of these initiatives.
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Utrecht, Netherlands
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