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GECO Global is a research and advisory consultancy dedicated to accelerating the energy transition by uncovering market and customer insights that assist their clients as they develop and bring to market business models and services arising from the transition and digitalisation of the energy sector and by applying practical customizable strategies to help local communities build their visions and plans for the area’s clean energy transition in a way that involves a broad spectrum of all relevant stakeholders and promote social innovation.  
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Role in the project
GECO's engagement in the project revolves around the goal of maximising broad acceptance and adoption of the products, services, and business models developed in the project. As leader of the Living Labs, they will focus on two interrelated actions of
  1. implementing collaborative and agile development methods involving citizens and value-chain stakeholders and,
  2. embedding insights from social and behavioural sciences into the different stages of development.
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Jystrup, Denmark