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Hypertech Energy Labs
Hypertech is a Greek SME founded in 1997. The Energy Labs unit specializes in ICT solutions for the Smart Home and Smart Grid. It aims to provide flexible solutions for small and medium-sized consumers as well as integrated solutions for utilities and energy service providers in the field of demand-side management, e.g. aggregators. The business strategy of Hypertech includes research and development of advanced technologies, to create a full suite of solutions and products appealing to everyone involved in the electricity market.
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Role in the project
Hypertech is the Coordinator of ACCEPT as well as the coordinator of BRIDGE activities on behalf of the project. They lead WP1, WP2, WP4 and WP10 on project management, systems requirements and architecture, prosumer modelling and optimization tools and BRIDGE cooperation activities. Furthermore, they will offer their Living Lab comprising 1 commercial and 9 residential premises for the pre-validation activities of the ACCEPT Consumer Digital-Twin Model.
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Athens, Greece
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