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IsZEB is a cluster with special focus on the construction domain aiming to provide tools and guidelines for the entire building’s lifecycle for ultimately presenting Smart and Energy Sustainable buildings. Established in the region of Central Macedonia, Greece, IsZEB covers the phases of planning, commissioning, construction, renovation, demolition and recycling of buildings and building components. Among IsZEB’s goals is to interconnect science, innovation and the economy, with all stakeholders in the construction and renovation sector of buildings, with regards to the criteria of Smart Zero and Positive Energy Buildings.
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Role in the project
IsZEB supports CERTH as a linked third party within the activities of ACCEPT. Due to the nature of its structure, with strong market ties with multiple private stakeholders, IsZEB will refine the business perspectives of ACCEPT’s product(s) towards presenting a highly competitive solution for energy communities and will offer significant assistance in linking the project’s results to viable market products that will reach a wider audience within the EU AEC sector.
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Thessaloniki, Greece
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