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Fundación CIRCE
CIRCE is a technology centre that works towards improving enterprises competitiveness through generation of technology transfer by means of R+D activities and market-oriented training in the fields of resource sustainability and effectiveness, energy grids and renewable energies. CIRCE innovation focuses on 3 pillars: Research, Knowledge transfer and Training. Applied research is conducted in collaboration with other institutions to ensure that solutions are transferred from laboratory to business and then to society. CIRCE is closely connected to industrial sector offering R+D services and expertise exchange. Moreover, they offer specialized courses and technological updates for companies.
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Role in the project
CIRCE is involved in solution integration and testing, PMV methodology and impact assessment. Furthermore, CIRCE leads the District Asset Management component development that will establish bi-directionally interface with DER systems to send control commands based on scheduling and dispatching performed by energy communities and to receive status and monitoring information. Besides, CIRCE develops ACCEPT solution wrapper facilitating pilot demonstration in controlled and real-life environments.
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Zaragoza, Spain
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