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Citizen App: Smart Living

The ACCEPT Citizen App could is the occupant's assistant towards efficient energy management in a Smart Home environment. The app offers a series of services, like:

  • Smart-Living

  • Health and Wellness

  • Informative billing

  • Community engagement etc.

Monitor and Control of the smart home appliances is a key feature to unlock the untapped smart home flexibility. Through the monitor process, the occupants are able to monitor realtime devices, total consumption, generation and storage of the end-user premises. Through the control feature, they can select and configure all the participating devices in the Demand-Response activities.

The Health and Wellness of the end-user premises could be reflected from several conditions in the ambient environment. The impact of indoor conditions, in particular, thermal conditions, indoor air quality, acoustic quality, as well as daylighting and artificial lighting conditions are narrowly connected with the occupants’ productivity. Raising awareness about the aspects of building’s conditions that affect the daily life of the citizens in various ways could be proved as a useful tool for the optimal configurations and more effective energy management

The costs and billing section concerns the analysis and visualization of the Energy Costs within the Smart Home. The service provides intuition about the cost distribution per device or per activity, it recognizes and highlights the excessive costs coming from anomaly behaviors that could burden the total bill inefficiently and it informs the end-user about cost savings that originate from Demand-Response participation.


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