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Consumer engagement: Method

In ACCEPT, the integration of consumer engagement in the design of the Demand-Response services and business models is pursued through a sequence of activities over the project’s duration and in accordance with the principles of participatory design. ACCEPT proposes to undertake the following suite of engagements:

  • Understand conceptually pilot consumers’ values, triggers, potential points of resistance (e.g. privacy, consumer and personal data protection) and no-goes

  • Form pilot consumer personas using a segmentation model that takes into account behavioural and psychometric factors

  • Bring together local stakeholders in the pilot area (e.g. consumer organisations, building managers, local DSO, regulator, scientific community) who are not traditionally perceived to be aligned with each other to understand opportunities, visions and problems with a view to anticipating and potentially resolving possible friction points

  • Describe interrelations, benefits, dependencies, goals, possible barriers and drivers between all stakeholders in the pilot area

  • Elicit the views of pilot consumers on key issues, e.g. requirements for participating in research/pilot activities, performance/interaction expectations from the ACCEPT solution, and their openness to the proposed technologies


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