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Digital toolbox and digital services

Energy communities are a promising organizational vehicle for involving citizens in the energy transition.

But currently they lack the necessary tools to exploit the available opportunities and create financially viable operations

ACCEPT aims to fill this gap by delivering a digital toolbox that energy communities can use to gain access to revenue streams which can financially support their operations and ensure longevity and well-functioning of the community itself

The ACCEPT digital tool-box provides a variety of services to citizens in order to enhance the value proposition and entice them to engage more actively with the energy system, even if this is not their primary objective. Features of the toolbox are, for example:

  • Smart Home features for remote control of residential energy assets

  • comfort-neutral control automation for hassle-free energy cost minimisation

  • security monitoring/ alerting and recommendations for improved energy performance

A hierarchical, modular energy management system lies at the framework’s core. It will leverage small-scale flexibility assets (mainly residential demand) at the disposal of energy communities – or other actors - bundled to a sufficient degree to meet market code requirements for ancillary service delivery or significant improvement of the individual/collective energy cost structure.

The framework is building upon state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence/ machine learning for inference of citizen comfort/ convenience preferences and activity patterns:

  • Internet-of-things and big data technologies collect and ingest live data streams from buildings and RES in order to turn them into valuable flexibility-providing assets.

  • Interoperability ensures compatibility with legacy devices in the field and market codes.

  • Blockchain enables peer-to-peer energy/ flexibility exchanges in a secure and non-repudiatory manner that guarantees system stability.

  • Data privacy and security maintain and safeguard citizen personal information and hence their trust toward the energy community.


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