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Energy Community as an Energy Service Company

The Energy Community, acting as an ESCo, can offer various energy services to its members.

Among the services planned in the ACCEPT project it is necessary to mention the services that allows, through the installation of sensors and the use of a dedicated app, the monitoring of energy consumption and production. In addition, through the use of historical data it is possible to provide future forecasting services (including energy production). This has a significant impact on consumption trends by end-users who, through a platform provided by the ESCo, can remotely control their consumption pattern.

Another extremely significant service is the platform that enable P2P energy exchanges between customers, allowing an increase in the exploitation of renewable resources and a reduction in energy demands from the grid. Generally, the services offered are aimed at: increasing consumers' involvement (through monitoring and visualization of data), providing forecasts on demand and production, allowing the control of consumption (including heating) even remotely in order to adapt consumes to price curves and to the availability of clean energy.

The remuneration of the ESCo for the provision of these services is usually a share of the consumer's savings obtained compared to the initial situation.

The objectives of the ESCo are to optimize Prosumer’s energy consumption, enable a reduction in energy costs for its members (from which it derives its income), increase self-consumption and increase energy awareness.


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