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Pilot/Living Lab Spain

LASOLAR is a renewable electricity cooperative in Murcia, a region in southeast Spain 160 km from Argelia´s coast with 300 sunny days p.a. on average. The pilot site includes residences located in a city of 250,000 people, surrounded by several small towns. The residences available for ACCEPT demonstrations range from 10-storey block of flats to detached buildings with an avg. footprint of 100m2. Average residential consumption is ca. 3.500 kWh p.a., highly increased during summer periods due to cooling needs and gradually decreasing in winter times that are becoming shorter and warmer

Business Cases implemented:

BC1 - Energy Community as Flexibility Aggregator

BC2 - Energy Community as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) offering energy management services

BC4 - Energy Community as a Retailer

BC5 - Energy Community optimized operation via P2P flexibility trading

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