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Pilot/Living Lab Switzerland

The AEM pilot site in Switzerland consists of two separate areas with different key characteristics: on one hand the “Tesserete District” represents a residential area in the suburbs of Lugano and, on the other end, the “Care Home” represents an elderly care home within the urban area. The “Tesserete District” in the village of Capriasca consists of a residential area with 11 single- and multi-family houses, a large public pool, the football field building with several office spaces, and a district heating plant. The 11 residential buildings count 35 flats. The “Care Home” is a multi-story elderly care home of 30 apartments (30 residents), 1 community centre, and 1 industrial kitchen.

Business Cases implemented:

BC2 - Energy Community as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) offering energy management services

BC4 - Energy Community as a Retailer

BC6 - Heating-as-a-Service Provider

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