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Viesgo is an electric company that bases its business on the distribution of electricity. With about 695,000 clients and 31.300 kilometres of network in the north of Spain, Viesgo is positioned as a fundamental agent in the energy transition of our country. The entire Viesgo Distribución network has been awarded ISO certificates, especially the Asset Management certificate and Innovation certificate– and not just because they were the first Spanish distributor to obtain them, but also because they recognised the efficient management of their assets and the importance they attach to innovation, proving their commitment to excellence and leadership.
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Role in the project
VIESGO will provide the data to validate the algorithms to be implemented in the tool that will mimic DR triggers from DSOs during the pre-validation test-bed. Based on their presence in electricity distribution business, they will significantly contribute real-life feedback in ACCEPT foundations by providing the DSO point of view in demand response processes. Moreover, VIESGO will contribute to the outreach activities for ACCEPT solution impact assessment utilising their stakeholder network.
Santander, Spain
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