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WITSIDE was founded in 2010 by experienced IT executives. Its core activity is to design, select, process and make good use of data, offering a holistic approach to data management across the enterprise. Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics & Artificial Intelligence represent the key solutions of its portfolio. It constantly monitors international market trends and invests in people and cutting edge technologies. It combines excellent know-how in technical and business skills, while at the same time it has been distinguished for its commitment to achieving goals.
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Role in the project
Witside will lead the activities for the development of the ACCEPT energy community and end-users tool suite. More specifically, Witside will lead WP5 activities as well as one of its tasks, T5.4, which is related to the essential horizontal supporting engines of the energy community tools employing their expertise in visual analytics and related infrastructure on planning, reporting and analytics.
Athens, Greece
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