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Relationship to the European Green Deal

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. Its objectives are shared by the ACCEPT consortium by engaging EU citizens to the energy transition through innovative services.

All recent energy-related EC directives foresee the necessary provisions to pave the way to energy market penetration for aggregated flexibility from distributed, small-scale sources by removing organisational, market and legal barriers that currently hinder its access.

Demand-response-based services have been identified as fundamental enablers of this strategy by the most recent EC policy directives. Both the long-term vision (Clean Planet for All) and the intermediate step (Clean Energy for all Europeans) highlight the importance of effective system flexibility and demand response.

These solutions will facilitate the target penetration of intermittent, variable renewables which will drive decarbonisation.

ACCEPT will facilitate the achievement of EU policy/Green Deal objectives on energy efficiency through the provision of solutions that will enable the discovery and delivery of flexibility from residential assets in a human-centric, viable and reliable manner.


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